Welcome - Let's talk about Marco Island

I ran for City Council and was elected in November 2012 on a platform of transparency, fiscal conservatism, and responsiveness to all the citizens and constitutencies (homeowners, condo snowbirds, businesses and institutions).

In many City Council meetings, I make a presentation or shed light on an important situation. Most of the analyses I do, and present to City Council, are based on my detailed examination of comparable cities in Florida. I spend an enormous amount of time going through financial statements and budgets of these comparison cities. We can learn from what other cities do, the mistakes they make, and we can try to avoid them.


We're in very good shape now. We can lose this within a few years.  In too many cases, Marco Island has allowed ad hoc processes, procedures, rules, and their enforcement to create a climate of uncertainty for businesses and homeowners. I am running for re-election because I want to continue to build Marco Island municipal government, including the important Police, Fire-Rescue, and Utility organizations, into professional, competent, courteous, efficient and effective servants of the taxpayers and citizens. I welcome your support, and I encourage you to call or email any time you'd like to talk about the issues or express your opinion.


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